A big thank you from our CEO

Tom Foster-Carter

To our Lollipop Community,

We have some very exciting news for you all and we wanted you to be the first to hear it. Over the last year, you’ve continually given us brilliant ideas, showstopping photos and most importantly your endless support. We are so pleased to tell you that Lollipop is going from strength to strength (because of you all) and we’ve just raised £5 million from our leading investor Octopus Ventures 🎉

The Lollipop Team 🍭

I wanted to share with you why Lollipop was born, as I know a lot of you might not know the story yet. I still remember the week my son, Freddie, suddenly arrived, way ahead of schedule, during the busiest week of my career, instantly plunging our lives into chaos. Unbeknownst to us my wife had also got hit with some pretty gnarly post baby depression. We really struggled to keep ourselves afloat. And the thing that tipped us over the edge? Trying to get the shop done. I found myself thinking “What if someone else, or something else, took care of all that stress for you?”. Fast forward two years and Lollipop was born!

When I decided to build Lollipop, I knew we needed a community of like minded people at its heart. With people who really understand the problem we are solving and want to help us build the future of the weekly shop. We know that without listening to our users' feedback and ideas - we won’t be able to reach our mission, full stop.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the support you’ve given us so far on this journey AND for the 1,554 pieces of feedback!!! (Yes, the team tracks everything you say!) We cannot wait to continue building Lollipop with you.

Tom Foster-Carter (CEO + Co Founder)

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