Our Lollipop Community

Grocery shopping, cooking and family life can be tough and lonely at times. When we first started Lollipop, we heard this firsthand over and over from parents lumped with the weekly shop. That inspired us to build a new way to shop that has community at its core and no longer feels like a chore.

Read our first real-life community stories below

By signing up to Lollipop and joining our community, you get to meet likeminded people and shape the future of grocery shopping together. Shopping with Lollipop can lighten your mental load, letting you plan and purchase a week’s worth of delicious meals in just a few clicks.

We’re on a mission to support busy households by making the mundane magical. We can’t do this without you, so help us build Lollipop and join our community by signing up now.

Keep reading to learn about our journey to date and see how members of our community are helping to build Lollipop. You'll even get to meet a couple of them too...

Community timeline

🚚 You said, we delivered

Have an idea that could transform your weekly shopping experience? Tell us and we might just make it for you! Everyday, our community is helping us fix problems and create new features by sharing their feedback. Here are a few recent highlights:

👫 Community stories

Meet some of our current community members and find out what they’re loving about Lollipop so far.

Cathrine, Dylan and Thomas

Cathrine and Dylan are originally from South Africa, but now live in Cardiff with their three-year-old son, Thomas. After moving out of London during the pandemic, the family fell in love with Wales and have recently bought a house in the capital.

When it comes to food, Cathrine does 90% of the shopping and cooking for the family. She also works part time as an Ambassador for L'Oréal, while Dylan runs his own property business.

“Before I was a mum, I really enjoyed shopping and cooking because you have more time,” she says. “I enjoy it when it's relaxing, but now it’s usually not relaxing! As a mum, your priorities change.”

With Thomas to take care of alongside her job, finding new and exciting recipes is definitely not a priority any more. “Being a busy mom, you really do get stuck in a rut with meals,” Cathrine explains. “In fact, last year in lockdown, embarrassingly enough, every Monday night we did fish cakes and vegetables, Tuesday night was shepherd's pie, and so on.”

Since she started using Lollipop, Cathrine has started to enjoy shopping and cooking again. By making it easier for her to discover new recipes, being part of the Lollipop community has helped Cathrine vary the family's meals. “Having a look at other people's photos has definitely inspired me,” she says. “It's such a great community. Everybody's supportive of each other.”

Sophie and Luke

Sophie, 24, and Luke, 25, have been together for six years after meeting during their student days in Newcastle. Now the couple live in north London, where Sophie works in operations and product for a food company, and Luke is studying for a PhD in cardiovascular biomedicine.

“Before we started using Lollipop, we always had food leftover that we didn't use and it seemed like such a waste,” says Luke. With Lollipop, the couple is able to order exactly what they need and can base their recipe choices around what’s in the cupboard.

Sophie loves being part of the Lollipop community. “It's nice that the recipes are tried and tested by actual people,” she says. “Some people are using Lollipop to find recipes that are cheaper, some because they’re looking for organic or vegan recipes. But everyone loves food and is super friendly.”

Sophie continues: “It's a community where if you need help, somebody is always there. You know that if you say something to Lollipop it's likely to get implemented. The team is genuinely trying to build a platform for people and that people like.”

👋 Thanks for reading about the Lollipop community so far. If you haven't already joined us, follow this link to sign up now. We can't wait to start shopping, cooking and building Lollipop with you soon!